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Welcome to Pearson Properties Investments Ltd, where you can obtain the support you need to acquire property quickly and efficiently. If you are cash rich and time poor, and need to build up your property portfolio swiftly, or need to source the right property for your investments, we are here to help with property investment in Leeds and across West Yorkshire.

This region still offers superb value, so give us a call today to get started: 0113 403 4503

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We provide a hands-free portfolio building service tailored to you and your level of involvement. With our expertise you can build up a portfolio of properties quickly. 

We will consult with you to make sure we are aligned with your acquisition ambitions, and assist you in all aspects of property investment in Leeds, to make sure the property you acquire is suitable, good value, and aligned with your requirements.


We source property through our extensive network and marketing to supply you with investment opportunities, or help you find the ideal home or commercial building to serve your needs.

Where standard sales take around 6 months, we can purchase a property for you in as little as 6 weeks. Furthermore, with our market expertise, and knowledge of the local area, we can help make sure your property is a great investment for many years to come.








Expert Property Advice

We combine expert advice, extensive contacts, and an honest and transparent approach to provide the very best services for property investment in Leeds. Whether you are looking to buy-to-let, undertake a series of property renovation projects, or wish to expand your portfolio, Pearson Properties is here to help. Contact us via to have an initial discussion about your property requirements.

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Why choose us?

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Clear openness and disclosure of information.

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Due Diligence

Thorough investigation and careful examination.

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Truthfulness and integrity in communication and actions.





How it works

1. Goal Setting



This aids you in clearly defining investment goals, and able us to understand your requirements and expectations.

2. Market Analysis and Property Shortlisting


We will conduct a thorough market analysis, and shortlist properties aligning with goals for property investment in Leeds.


3. Due Diligence, Negotiation, and Purchase

We will naturally conduct due diligence on selected properties, as well as assisting in negotiations and purchase agreements.

4. Closing Financing and Ongoing Support


We will also facilitate the closing process, and provide ongoing support for property management and strategic decision-making.





About Pearson Properties

Pearson Properties is your expert partner in property development, offering a full building services for house flipping and renovation. Furthermore, we provide portfolio sourcing assistance, aiding clients in the creation and maintenance of a varied property portfolio.

Our Partners

Mortgage brokers

We have established ongoing contacts with local mortgage brokers, so you can finance any acquisition quickly and hassle-free.


Our relationships with conveyancing solicitors in the area enables you to achieve quick turnarounds for your property investment in Leeds.

Local Builders

We collaborate with skilled local builders, forming dynamic partnerships to efficiently execute property flips and renovations, providing clients with tailored, high-quality housing solutions.

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 House flipping in Leeds






Where We Serve

Spanning the breadth of West Yorkshire, Pearson Properties, based in Leeds, is your trusted partner for seamless property investments. Our expert services cover the entire region, including prime opportunities for property investment in Leeds.





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